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Three travellers.. an American traveller Shamus and a French couple Marie and Paul travel to Swansea in beautiful Wales for their own different, personal and very important reasons. Shamus is on a travel tour around Europe on his own. Marie and Paul travel together for a weekend break. The American and the couple haven’t met before but their paths crossed at the Music Fable Hotel.. a themed boutique hotel overlooking the stunning beach of Swansea Bay.

All three travellers have gone through some traumatic experiences in the past and they are trying to deal with them in their own way. Shamus is sad and preoccupied. He has lost his wife, feeling terribly lonely. He wants to get away, as far as he can, he wants to clear his anger and negative thoughts and appreciate the wonderful times he has shared with his love.   

Shamus walks alone at the beach, thinking, remembering, reflecting. As he tours this “strange” city by the beach, he comes across a museum and is introduced to Dylan Thomas’ works and poetry. He is instantly drawn into Dylan’s world of darkness and light dancing together. He reads his poems and reads and reads. He goes back to the hotel to read some more.

Shamus is a classic musician. His whole life is music.. he used to share his passion with his loved one.. spending hours listening to their favourite music together. He chose to stay at the Music Fable Hotel.. a uniquely themed hotel where all is music.. décor, artefacts.. everything inspired by centuries of music history with rare vinyl records, antiques & musical instruments within. Even the high fidelity audio system is analogue. Shamus chooses his favourite record, listens to it, relaxes whilst drinking tea and reads Dylan Thomas’ poetry.

Marie and Paul check into the hotel. They all meet briefly for the first time. Marie and Paul are fighting in their room. Shamus is reading aloud Dylan’s poem “And Death Shall have No Dominion” at the lounge. Dylan’s powerful poetic words.. about suffering, reflecting, healing, living.. resonate with Shamus.

He feels “awaken”.. his senses heightened.. his soul flooded with overwhelming emotions. He is so drawn into it.. some kind of “poetic” transcendence.. he reads the poem aloud without realising it. Marie over hears Shamus’ reading and she joins him. She listens to those spoken words and is instantly drawn into the poem.

Paul walks in.. a moment of awkwardness.. he joins them. Shamus does not know what Marie and Paul have gone through but he can see in their lives their pain and sadness. He decides to carry on reading.

Will those “borrowed” words help Shamus? Will they affect Marie and Paul? Will the sorrow end? Will the healing begin? Is that brief interaction between the three travellers their destiny?

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